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Racing Fuels

For nearly 50 years, VP Racing Fuels has powered more race winners than any brand worldwide. VP’s experts design more than 70 proprietary racing fuel blends. In addition, we engineer custom blends as well. VP is the World Leader in Fuel Technology®.

VP propelled legend Dan Fletcher to his 100th NHRA win, drove NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Ray Evernham to victory at Pikes Peak, and launched Rhys Millen to multiple championships in drifting and rally. Furthermore, VP fuels were instrumental in leading both Vaughn Gittin’s championship triumphs in drifting as well and Bengt Ljungdahl and Michael Malmgren in FIA Pro Stock, just to name a few. In every form of racing on earth, VP’s racing fuel is Makin’ Power® for winners.

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