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Track Prep

High-quality traction compound is critical to good racing. Race track operators know that competitive racing is more exciting for both drivers and fans. Exciting racing keeps fans coming back, which positively impacts the bottom line of a race track. VP’s line of track prep traction compound products makes racing more competitive.

Our Lane Choice™ Traction Compound System (LC5, LC7, and SLR) represents the most advanced technology in traction. It delivers optimal performance during every race.

VP Circle Track Resin eliminates dull, single groove, ‘follow-the-leader’ style racing. It accelerates the process of embedding tire rubber into the track. Additionally, it makes it easier for tires to push off the track. As a result, it creates a second, and sometimes third, groove.

StayWet track conditioner enhances dirt’s ability to hold moisture longer while allowing water to penetrate more deeply. We formulate it with an adhesion modifier to improve grip on the track surface from bottom to top.

Does your track use portable outdoor equipment, such as generators? VP premium ethanol-free Small Engine Fuel keeps small 2 and 4-cycle engines running at peak performance and won’t damage your portable outdoor equipment like ethanol-blended pump gas. It helps you avoid costly repairs and downtime.