2-Cycle Oil – Full Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

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We created VP 2-cycle oil after four years of development. The result is a full-synthetic 2-cycle engine oil that delivers both maximum performance as well as superior protection for outdoor power equipment. Our small engine lubricant is perfect for owners who prefer to handle their own 40:1 oil or 50:1 oil mix with gas.

Another key point is that our synthetic 2 stroke oil protects internal engine components from excessive wear. What's more, it reduces carbon build-up, cleans piston rings, and makes for easier starts and low smoke. Furthermore, we design it with both advanced fuel stabilizers and a metal deactivator. As a result, you get protection from the corrosive properties of ethanol, which is an oxygenate that is added to pump gas.

Lastly, VP makes a technologically advanced line of high-octane ethanol-free small engines fuels that are engineered from higher-grade base stocks. Our 2-cycle and 4-cyle SEF's are ethanol-free and designed specifically for hard-working, high-RPM small engines.

Performance Benefits
VP’s Full-synthetic, 2-cycle oil contains many formulation advantages to deliver superior performance:

  • Industry-leading detergency
  • Carbon-free, clean piston rings
  • Easy starting and low smoke
  • Advanced fuel stabilizers keep fuel fresh 12 months
  • Metal Deactivator protects from corrosive effects of ethanol in pump gas
  • Full synthetic base stocks for wear protection
  • Exceeds all industry standards JASO FD Certified #001VPR001
  • CRC test rating 8.85 best in class
  • Works in all 2-cycle air-cooled engines
  • Multi-mix formula for 50:1 oil and 40:1 oil applications

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