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Product Description

This VP nitro RC fuel is a superior blend of 30% nitro-9% oil. Our advanced fuel technology and high-performance oil package give your 1/8 scale RC car remarkable power and RPM gains. We develop our nitro RC fuel to provide maximum performance, protection, and runtime for off-road buggy, truggy, or racing needs.

Our Passion is Your Performance®. For this reason, we put just as much emphasis on the packaging as on the fuel. After all, the fuel container is just as important to 1/8 scale RC performance as the quality of the chemicals inside. As a result, our RC nitro fuel comes packaged in a container that meets the highest quality standards. We use only DOT-approved pressure-tested metal cans with an inner lining to prevent corrosion. Furthermore, the closure cap is tested to the highest of standards. Therefore, you get a superior-quality fuel packaged in a fully sealed can that offers the same performance months down the road as the day you purchased it.

Product Advantages:
  • Ultra-clean burn
  • Easy to tune
  • No after-run necessary
  • Extended runtimes
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-foaming agents
  • Multi-viscosity 9% Synthetic/Castor lubrication package blend for the ultimate combination of rpm and protection
VP Racing Fuels is the World Leader in Fuel Technology®, fueling champions in virtually every form of motorsport on land, sea, and air since 1975.

Presently, VP blends 30+ different types of RC hobby fuel for a multitude of applications.

NOTE: Due to regulations from the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our fuel shipper assesses a surcharge above and beyond the standard shipping charge for each 6-gallon case of fuel ordered. This charge will be included in the shipping charges for the fuel.

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