4-Cycle Engine Oil – SAE 30 / 10W30 Full Synthetic


Full synthetic oil provides extreme protection, long life, and high film strength for superior wear protection. Highest quality SAE 30/10W-30 oil for air cooled, liquid cooled, and diesel engines.



Product Description

VP's full-synthetic SAE 30/10W-30 4 cycle engine oil provides unmatched thermal resistance, protection, and lubrication for all small engines in four-cycle outdoor power equipment. It significantly reduces oil consumption compared to 10W-30 mineral oils. This is a true flagship oil! Most importantly, our formula makes it the highest-quality SAE 30/10W-30 small engine oil for four-cycle air-cooled engines and liquid-cooled engines, not to mention diesel engines.

SAE 30/10W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil Advantages
To begin with, we design our 4 cycle engine oil SAE 30/10W-30 with synthetic base stocks. VP's synthetic engine oil exceeds standard 10W-30 and SAE 30 engine oil performance. Moreover, it's 100% more shear stable when compared to 10W-30 (longer life) and it provides a 30% wider VI range versus SAE 30 engine oil (easier starts). Furthermore, it meets or exceeds OEM specifications for Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki, Honda. and more. You're assured longer oil life and easier starting in all weather environments.

Performance Advantages
  • Full Synthetic formulation. Meets API CJ-4/SN specs
  • Provides extreme protection and long life
  • High film strength for superior wear protection
  • Shear stable in high-heat, high-load environments
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer's requirements
  • Will not void OEM warranties
  • An excellent choice for ZTR mowers
Finally, use VP 94 octane VP 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel to maximize the performance and life of your 4-cycle outdoor power equipment. It features higher-grade base stocks with no unnecessary filler additives. As a result, you get an exceptionally clean-burning fuel. Both our 4-cycle small engine fuel and small engine oil help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and help you avoid costly repairs and engine rebuilds.

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Additional information

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