4-Cycle Fuel: Ethanol-Free Small Engine Fuel


VP 4-Cycle SEF delivers quicker, more reliable starts. Our ethanol-free fuel keeps your outdoor power equipment running at peak performance & extends engine life. It passes the warranty requirements of all 4-cycle engine manufacturers.



Product Description

VP's 94 octane 4 cycle fuel is ethanol-free & formulated with higher-grade base stocks + components. It keeps your small engine fuel systems protected, maximizes performance, & extends the engine life of your outdoor power equipment. You'll also get quicker, more reliable starts & better performance from your equipment while avoiding costly repairs due to ethanol damage. VP 4 Cycle Small Engine Fuel contains no oil. It passes the warranty requirements of all 4 cycle engine manufacturers, including Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, Kohler, Honda, & many more. For easy pouring, try the VP EZ Spout. It's compatible with quart + gallon-sized cans of VP Small Engine Fuel and works with all 1-1/8 beta openings.

what fuel should i use in my lawn mower?

If you're like most, pump gas is your 4-cycle fuel choice for lawnmowers, generators, pressure washers, & other 4-cycle equipment. Did you know that pump gas can destroy your equipment? You might think if it's good enough for your vehicle, it should work great in your lawnmower. But that's not the case. Why? The big issue is ethanol, which is an oxygenate additive. Ethanol is fine for cars and trucks but not for small engines. For one thing, ethanol absorbs water, which promotes corrosion. Corrosion eats at the small vital components in your expensive outdoor equipment. Before you know it, you're spending hundreds of dollars to get a carburetor rebuilt for your lawn mower, or even worse, a lot more to buy new equipment. Moreover, pump gas degrades fast & forms gums + varnish faster. Subsequently, you can't store it long-term unless you spend more money on a fuel stabilizer. Fuel stabilizers help to a degree, but they can't undo damage already caused by pump gas; the genie is already out of the bottle. As a result, a 4-cycle power equipment should ONLY use specifically designed, high-quality fuel made for lawnmowers and other small 4-cycle engines. If you've been using pump gas & your lawn mower won't start (or any other outdoor power equipment), learn how VP Fix-It-Fuel will quickly fix it for you. Product Benefits
  • Made by the fuel experts at VP. We make fuel. That's what we do! Power equipment manufacturers who offer small engine fuel make....power equipment. Would you buy a VP chainsaw?
  • Ethanol-free - prevents ethanol-related corrosion problems & issues that fuel stabilizers can't fix
  • Provides more effortless + reliable starts, burns cleaner, & helps extend the life of your outdoor power equipment
  • Remains stable for 2+ years in the tank & 5+ years in the sealed container
  • Protects fuel systems & saves carburetors - no gummy deposits or varnish
  • Eliminates the need for fuel stabilizers
  • Contains no extra additives - just what is needed. No more - no less.

Our Can Is Full. Is Yours?

When you purchase a one-gallon container of our fuel, you get a whole gallon (128 oz.). Well, duh, right? Have you ever checked the 4-cycle fuel label from the competitors? Take a close look at their gallon container, and you'll see it contains...110 ounces! That's right, not even a whole gallon. Now you know why competing brands seem to be a little less expensive. You're getting less product. Keep that 4-cycle engine in your outdoor power equipment running smoothly and efficiently with VP 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel.

Product Reviews

  • Excellent 4cyl engine storage Excellent product for 4cyl engines. I drain old gas and use this product. Run engine for couple mins and store for winter. Works better then stabalizer and keeps water out of carburator. - Hemmi / Google review from canadiantire.ca
  • Will buy this product again. Use this VP gas in my lawnmower with great success with no worry of alcohol damage. Engine runs smooth and starts in one to two pulls great. 94 octane 32 oz metal bottle easy to use and store. - Randall / Google review from farmstore.com
  • Snow blower would never start after sitting through the Summer months..was told it was the gas .Did some research into VP RACING FUEL..Awesome performance now. - Jason / Google review from canadiantire.ca
  • I keep two Honda EU2200's fueled with this for emergencies only. They're started every six months and run for 30 minutes; no problems. I also have a Honda GX200-powered pressure washer fueled with this which I use twice a year. It starts first pull, always. With the generators, I drain/refill the fuel at the 2 year mark, keeping the old fuel to use in my lawn mower. Works perfectly. - JML56 / Published on The Home Depot

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