Transmission Fluid Additive – VP ATF Pro®


ATF Pro transmission additive reduces transmission temps by up to 40°F, increases frictional stability, and provides more metal protection than even the best OEM formulas on the market. We design our automatic transmission fluid for diesel, heavy-duty, and performance applications.



Product Description

VP designs ATF Pro® automatic transmission additive for diesel, heavy-duty, and performance applications. To begin with, we engineer ATF Pro to extend the life of automatic transmissions by enhancing base ATFs into OEM ATF equivalents. Secondly, ATF Pro saves you money on costly transmission repairs and/or replacement. Furthermore, our product reduces transmission temperatures up to 40°F.

Our automatic transmission fluid doubles the time between fluid change intervals and is simple to use. Just add it to any base ATF (except Ford Type F and CVT) to create a premium OEM ATF equivalent.

We formulate ATF Pro with patented, proprietary technologies that no other aftermarket brand offers. Moreover, it provides the most advanced and complete transmission protection available. ATF Pro transmission additive meets and exceeds OEM performance requirements. Extensive testing has proven our product provides even more protection by inhibiting fluid oxidation and foaming.

Maximize your vehicle's performance with VP ATF Pro® automatic transmission fluid additive.

Performance Advantages

  • Eliminates torque converter shudders and clutch pack chatters and shudders.
  • Frees stuck valves and keeps them free
  • Protects seals and restores older seals to like-new condition without adverse side effects
  • Extends fluid change intervals
  • Restores performance to older and high mileage vehicles

Third-Party Testing

Independent research shows that the proprietary technologies in ATF Pro® outperform even the best OEM formulas.
  • Doubles the life of the ATF when added to Dex III and performs 7% better than Dex VI
  • Increases frictional stability by 50%
  • Provides 65% more metal protection
  • Reduces transmission temperatures up to 40°F
  • Dramatically improves shift quality and transmission performance

VP also designs Street Legal multi-vehicle Dexron VI synthetic transmission fluid as well as Street Legal Dexron III multi-purpose Automatic Trans Fluid (DIII/M)

Additional information

Additional information

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