Bar and Chain Oil


VP Bar & Chain Oil has up to 136% higher viscosity at bar operating temperature vs. competitors chainsaw oil. Our high-tack formula affords all-season peak performance in hot and cold temperatures.



Product Description

A high-quality bar and chain oil is crucial for chainsaws to maintain maximum performance and reliability. If your chainsaw chain runs slowly or your fuel tank runs dry quicker than it should, chances are high that you need to add bar chain oil - and fast. A slow chain and excessive fuel consumption means there's too much friction between your bar and chain. That friction produces excess heat, which can do major damage to your saw.

Our bar oil delivers exactly what you need. To begin with, we engineer it to provide a thicker, stronger oil film with anti-wear additives. Consequently, you get superior lubrication and protection of metal surfaces. VP bar chain oil contains more tack for less fling-off and better chain protection. It delivers all-season performance and higher viscosity throughout bar operating temperatures. That means it won’t let you down when you need your saw to perform.

VP vs. Competitor Bar and Chain Oil fling test measured under a black light

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Product Benefits

  • Anti-wear additives reduce premature chain and bar wear
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors help prevent rust and corrosion in severe operating conditions
  • Up to 136% higher viscosity at bar operating temperature vs. competitors chainsaw oil
  • Increased tackifier reduces fling-off
  • All-season performance in hot and cold temperatures (flows to -9F)

Additional information

Additional information

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