VP Circle Track Resin (“The Resin”) for Circle Track Racing



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Product Description

VP Circle Track Resin (The Resin) was developed in response to longstanding problems experienced by many oval tracks across the country: single groove, ‘follow-the-leader’ style circle track racing.

For starters, The Resin is NOT a glue, unlike other products. It's a methanol soluble liquid with no artificial adhesion. In fact, it possesses very little tackiness. VP Circle Track Resin allows cars to run higher on the track, providing a second and sometimes a third groove. This leads to more exciting, side-by-side racing, which will attract more fans and more race cars. As a result, it makes the racing industry economically healthier.

Product Advantages
  • Expands racing groove (two wide)
  • Quick dry and setup
  • Safe for asphalt and concrete
  • No dragging necessary
How Does It Work?
VP CTR works organically to accelerate the process of embedding tire rubber into the track. During a race, rubber naturally comes off tires. CTR works to create rubber-to-rubber bonding. As the saying goes, rubber likes rubber. As the tire force pushes on the track surface, our product makes it exceptionally easier for the tire to push off the track.

How Is It Better Than Other Resins?
The commonly-used glue-based resins cause issues because marbles and dirt get naturally pushed up the track and stick. As a result, the top groove can be very treacherous because cars have a difficult time performing in that cocktail of debris and bits of tire rubber. That's why circle track racing drivers often refer to this area as the dirty part of the track.

What Are Other Benefits of CTR?
Due to its unique properties and how it interacts with tire rubber, VP CTR, unlike glue resin, essentially makes a race track wider by creating a wider groove. A wider groove makes racing more competitive, and competitive racing is infinitely more exciting for both the fans and drivers. Additionally, our CTR helps to reduce tire wear and increase tire life.

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