Commercial Dust Deterrent


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Product Description

VP Dust Deterrent - The best construction dust control product on the market
A revolutionary construction dust control product. We formulate VP Dust Deterrent to both control dust and keep soil packed to enhance the mobility of heavy equipment. It saves you money, is easy to apply, and improves the working environment of any job site. Dust Deterrent works effectively on sand, gravel, loamy surfaces, and all soil types. It is considerably more efficient than calcium chloride to control dust. In fact, just one 5-gallon pail of VP Dust Deterrent does the same job as 2,000 pounds of calcium chloride! The ultimate in road dust control products, Dust Deterrent works great for a wide variety of applications, including:
  • Road Construction
  • Cement plants
  • Mining
  • Gravel lots
  • Iron, steel, and aluminum industry
  • Quarries
  • Military, ground, and aviation
  • Marine ports
  • Scrap and recycling
  • Oil and gas
  • Municipal parks and landfills
  • Horse arenas
How does it improve job site conditions?
VP Dust Deterrent penetrates the soil and makes it hydrophilic. As a result, it requires less water usage.
  • To begin with, it draws moisture from the air, which helps retain more moisture at the surface
  • Besides adding moisture to the soil, it ionizes the dirt surface. This allows for better compaction
How will it save me money?
Our construction dust control product reduces water volume and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces shipping costs and storage needs
  • Less water needed throughout the day
  • Diminishes the level of dust that clogs filters, bearings and machinery
  • Lowers the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, property, and job sites
  • Non-corrosive - won’t harm metal parts
  • Can be added to mist sprayers for rock quarries, coal, mica, kaolin and many others
Is it environmentally and user friendly?
  • Yes, VP Dust Deterrent is biodegradable and non-hazardous
  • It also may reduce dust-related breathing and allergy problems
  • Helps mitigates impaired vision caused by dust
Is it easy to apply?
Indeed it is. Follow these recommendations based on your application needs:
  • High dust or initial application: 1-gallon of VP Dust Deterrent to 1,000 gallons of water
  • Low dust or repeat application: 1-gallon of VP Dust Deterrent to 2,000 gallons of water
  • Application rate 4,000 gallons of treated water covers 1–1.25 miles of road, 16' to 18' wide
"We sprayed Dust Deterrent on a very windy day over a 2.8-million square foot project. Our job site was in the middle of multiple job sites that belonged to other developers. Despite the winds, everywhere we sprayed there was no dust blowing off our site. All of the other sites had dust blowing onto our site. We had vehicles that drove on the product and it still didn't kick up. We were pretty impressed."  —Robert PeCoy, CEO, Earth Basics Contracting

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