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VP Fuel System Cleaner features a potent PEA (Polyether Amine) detergent that digs deep to dissolve carbon deposits and varnish. Restore lost power and feel the difference with easier starts and better fuel economy. It stabilizes fuel and helps prevent the damaging effects of ethanol. Experience the difference of VP Fuel System Cleaner and keep your engine thriving mile after mile.

VP Fuel System Cleaner Advantages

  • CLEANS ENTIRE FUEL SYSTEM: We formulate our fuel system cleaner with a potent PEA detergent that dissolves carbon deposits, gums, and varnish from your entire fuel system, including piston crowns, combustion chambers, fuel injectors, and intake valves.
  • REDUCES OCTANE REQUIREMENT: Optimized combustion allows for lower-cost, lower-octane fuel to deliver maximum performance.
  • ELIMINATES PINGS & PRE-IGNITION: Eliminates damaging/performance-robbing pings and pre-ignition caused by engine deposits.
  • RESTORES PERFORMANCE: Cleaner engines start easier, make more power, and consume less fuel. They also emit less pollutants, which helps clear codes and pass emissions tests.
Directions: Pour the entire, easy-to-use, capless-compatible bottle into the fuel tank and fill it with gasoline of any grade. For best results, add it when your tank is ¼-full or less before filling up. Repeat every 5,000 miles. One bottle treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline. For use in all 4-cycle and 2-cycle gasoline engines. EPA registered for on-road use. FOR GASOLINE VEHICLES ONLY.

Need a fuel cleaner for diesel? Try VP Diesel All-In-One.

Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 stars
Source: Reviewed on Advanced Auto Part

Definitely buying this product again 🙂. This is a very good product for a gas cleaner for your vehicle 🙂, it is one of the best I've ever used in my vehicle. Worth every penny!

Rating: 5 stars
Source: Reviewed on AutoZone.com

It works! It does what it says! From my experience this product worked exceptional! I was surprised, expected it to be like the others! It's not!

Rating: 5 stars
Source: Reviewed on AutoZone.com

It actually works. I drive a modified 09 Volvo S60 engine and injectors are about the only things I have not replaced (yet) about a month month and a half ago I started every now and again on start up I would have a little sputter and heavy vibration through the steering column I attributed this to having a very stiff set of engine mounts and what not then as it progressed started getting check engine codes and problem started happening at stoplights and if I was idle for longer than 30-45 sec cleaned the maf throttle body replaced the fuel filter I’ve tried other fuel system cleaners such as sea foam regular and high mileage and one other that I can’t remember the name of after using VP octane booster I know VP makes a great product and stands by what they sell figured I try this I’m at about a 1/4 tank left while I’m at the auto zone and empty the bottle into my tank to allow it to be a little more concentrated to start while I drive 2-3 blocks to the shell station and fill up with their V power nitro whatever gas keep in mind I had a check engine light but no data saying regular maintenance required or anything after pulling out of shell hopping on the highway and really giving my baby some hard gas check engine light went away no more vibration engine sputters or rumbles will this product work for you I honestly can’t say it will or won’t did the product clean my injectors and what not as advertised I have not looked at the injectors to verify but after using it and no longer having the issues mentioned before for the past week and half to 2 weeks I believe it did work and will be using it again and will be recommending it to my friends and fellow car folks.

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