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VP’s Lane Choice™ Traction Compound System represents the most advanced technology in traction. LC5 is VP’s version of the original formula for the old “VHT” traction compound. It’s designed to be cut with methanol so a track can tailor it to its needs. A track doesn’t have to change its prep procedure when changing to LC5 from its previous traction compound. LC5 will deliver the same or better performance at a much better price.
    • Meant to be cut with methanol
    • Compatible with other traction compounds
    • Concentrated for lower cost
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a preferred LC5 spray rate for track prep nozzle selection? In short, there isn't a single answer. We recommend using an even spray pattern and covering the track as though you were painting a car. Make sure there is good coverage (not too wet and not too dry). Spray in even coats. The reason there isn't a single good answer is that some people prefer lower pressure/larger nozzle. Others prefer high pressure/smaller nozzle. Some people like to spray heavier and let the glue dry longer while others prefer to apply multiple fast and lighter coats. Also, the temperature of the track influences how heavy to spray as well as how long to let it sit before racing on the track.

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