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VP’s Lane Choice™ Traction Compound System represents the most advanced technology in traction. VP’s top performing compound is LC7, which is effective across the widest range of temperatures of any compound on the market. It delivers optimum performance with track temperatures from 30°–150°F.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a preferred LC7 spray rate for track prep nozzle selection?
In short, there isn't a single answer. Our best recommendation is to use an even spray pattern and cover the track as though you were painting a car. Make sure there is good coverage (not too wet and not too dry). Spray in even coats.

The reason there isn't a single good answer is that some people prefer lower pressure/larger nozzle while others prefer higher pressure/smaller nozzle. Some people like to spray heavier and let the glue dry longer. Others prefer to apply multiple fast and lighter coats. Also, the temperature of the track influences how heavy to spray as well as how long to let the product sit before racing on the track.

I'm looking to switch from LC5 to LC7. Are there any tips or useful information I should know?
Yes, there are several things worth mentioning, which include:
  1. LC7 requires no mixing. If it's colder and you need more stick, simply drive your spray rig slower. Conversely, if it's hotter and the track needs less stick, drive the spray rig faster.
  2. LC7 is more aggressive than LC5. You may have to spray lighter for slick tire events and bracket races.
  3. Start your spraying procedure the same as LC5. You may have to tweak the speed of the sprayer and the amount of LC7 you use to achieve the result you want on the track surface.
  4. If you notice that the track starts to lose some tack, make a few laps with the drag in each lane. LC7 reacts well to dragging. This should reactivate the surface.
  5. LC7 is the best glue for radial racing. Before running the radial cars, do a moderate spray to the 330 or full eighth-mile, depending on how the track feels. Drag the track down and back one time in each lane.

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