Power TAR Remover

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Product Description

VP Power™ Tar makes it a breeze to remove tire rubber from car paint, vinyl wraps, graphics, decals, and Lexan windshields. Whether you're a professional race car driver, semi-pro, or a weekend amateur, you know the hassle of removing stubborn tire rubber from the body of your car after spending the day racing around the asphalt and concrete. VP Power™ Tar is unlike any other similar product on the market. It safely penetrates and removes even the most caked-on tire rubber. When used according to directions, it won’t damage your expensive race car. We engineer it specifically for oil-based substances, such as tire rubber. Our product works great not only on tire rubber but also to remove tar and bugs, which can be both extremely difficult to clean and damage a vehicle’s surface.

Will It Damage My Paint or Decals?

No! VP Power™ Tar will effectively remove tire rubber from car paint and it will not damage clear-coat finishes, decals, or vinyl wraps when used according to the instructions on the label. Furthermore, it is safe to use on Lexan windshields. Other products that contain aggressive cleaning agents can ruin the decals and vinyl wraps on a racing vehicle and damage Lexan windshields.

Is It Safe To Use?

We design our proprietary product from modified soy oil. It's natural, biodegradable, and safe for the environment. Other cleaners and degreasers are highly flammable and even require the use of PPE, such as gloves, goggles, and respirators when applying the product.

How Do You Use It?

Not only is VP Power™ Tar safe to use, but it's also incredibly easy! Just spray on and wipe off with a clean rag or towel. If you need to tackle more stubborn caked-on rubber, spray on the product, let it dwell for a few minutes, and wipe it off. For best results, we recommend you follow up with our VP Power™ Wax, which features a patented polymer/carnauba system (patent # 6,669,763) and is safe to use on plastic, fiberglass, vinyl surfaces, moldings, glass, and chrome. Our spray wax will subsequently make it easier to remove tire rubber from car paint.

Other products remove tire rubber plus tar and bugs, but none as easy, fast, and safe as VP Power™ Tar.

Advantages of VP Power™ Tar

  • Engineered to remove the most stubborn tire rubber and other oil-based contaminants off vehicle paint
  • Easy and quick - spray on, let it penetrate, wipe off
  • Won't damage vehicle paint, decals, vinyl wraps, or clear coat finishes when used per product directions
  • Safe to use on Lexan windshields
  • Natural, biodegradable, safe for the environment

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Additional information

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