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Product Description

PowerMix premixed R/C fuel contains NO ETHANOL and is exceptionally stable for extended shelf life. In fact, it lasts over two years in a sealed container and several months in the fuel tank of your R/C vehicle. PowerMix fuel has been thoroughly tested in various small 2-stroke giant-scale R/C engine applications. Furthermore, it contains the highest quality 100% synthetic oil of any brand. PowerMix produces tons of power and improves throttle response while delivering a smoother, more linear power band than pump gas. As a result, it lowers engine temperatures and makes tuning easier. Additionally, it eliminates fuel system failures, unnecessary downtime, and repair costs due to ethanol-related problems.

Product Features

  • The most powerful premixed ready-to-use fuel on the market for giant-scale R/C.
  • ONLY FOR USE by experienced giant-scale car and truck engine tuners.
  • Perfect for giant-scale airplanes requiring 50:1 oil mix.
  • 2011 XFC Giant-Scale Race Winner!

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Additional information

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