Speed Sauce™ Plus Water-Ethanol Injection Fluid




Product Description

Speed Sauce™ Plus is a 20/80 water-ethanol injection fluid. It's premixed and ready to use straight from the bottle. Speed Sauce Plus delivers more power per gallon. In fact, Speed Sauce Plus provides up to 4% more power compared to methanol-based injection fluids. Furthermore, proper tuning produces up to 15% more horsepower and torque than stock. Best of all, Speed Sauce Plus water ethanol injection fluid is 99% renewable and it's both less toxic and corrosive than methanol-based injection fluids.

Speed Sauce Water-Ethanol Injection Kit Fluid Features

  • Delivers added octane when needed thanks to the ethanol's >115 octane rating
  • Up to 15% more HP/torque than stock, with proper tuning
  • 4% more power vs. methanol-based injection fluids
  • 99% renewable, less corrosive, and less toxic than methanol injection fluids
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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 stars
Source: Reviewed on Amazon

This stuff makes good power and at 80% ethanol content really helps with additional octane needs. I'm using it in a modern turbo vehicle that came with only DI so no port injection (Acura RDX, same powertrain as an 18-22 Accord 2.0T) as a means to move beyond the stock fuel systems capacity. The benefit is immediately felt and seen as the post turbo intake (IAT2) temps drop when the system engages and at times even to sub ambient. Making over 30psi on an MHI stage 2 turbo with 0 knock. Ordered 12 gallons to get started and will keep this in stock moving forward!

Paul Espinosa
Rating: 5 stars
Source: Reviewed on Amazon

I have a 2019 WRX with FBO minus headers. Im tuned for this along with E50 FF. My tuner even said this stuff works better than Methanol. We tried both and he advised me to stick with this stuff rather than the methanol.

Rating: 5 stars
Source: Reviewed on 4wheelparts.com

Works as well if not better than 50/50 methanol/water mix.

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Additional information

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