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Product Description

We formulate Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance engine coolant for high-performance engines, which require additional protection from overheating and minimal freeze protection. To illustrate, our product contains both a specialized blend of heat transfer agents and propylene glycol. For that reason, it improves the coolant’s ability to transfer heat away from high-temperature cylinder heads.

Equally important is that tests show Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance engine coolant lowers operating temperatures of engines by up to 14°F compared to conventional glycol-based coolant. This both increases the density of the air/fuel mix and allows ignition timing to be safely advanced without the threat of detonation. Consequently, you get more power and torque.

Moreover, adding our coolant additive, VP Cool Down™, will further improve the effectiveness of our Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance formula. As a result, you'll get maximum performance.

    Advantages of Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance Formula
  • Ready-to-Use Premix High-Performance Engine Coolant
  • Contains Wetting Agents for Better Cooling
  • Non-Toxic Propylene Glycol Freeze Protection
  • Reduces Temps Up To 14°F
  • Maximizes Horsepower and Torque
  • Protects all metals from corrosion/electrolysis, including aluminum
  • Prevents scales/deposits that reduce heat transfer
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the level of freeze protection and the boiling point in Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance coolant?
Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant provides freeze protection down to 0 degrees F. Its boiling point is 7 degrees lower than 50/50 mix at zero pressure

Do you need to add water to Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance Coolant?
Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant is a ready-to-use, 100% water-based premix formula. There is no need to add water. Just pour it straight from the bottle.

What is the level of corrosion protection in Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance Coolant?
Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant is formulated with an OAT corrosion inhibitor that exceeds ASTM D 3306 specs, for which OEM coolants must adhere. Another key point is that our coolant is blended with chemically stabilized RO water (reverse osmosis). Reverse osmosis is capable of rejecting heavy metals, dissolved organics, and other contaminants that are dissolved in water. To summarize, Stay Frosty will help protect all metals from corrosion/electrolysis, including sensitive aluminum alloys.

Can you mix Stay Frosty® Hi-Performance Coolant with DEX-COOL?
Firstly, we recommend EITHER adding VP Cool Down™ to DEX-COOL OR draining your DEX-COOL and replacing it with Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant. Secondly, Cool Down provides added benefits when using Stay Frosty Hi-Performance.

How often should I change my coolant?
We suggest that you change your coolant every two years.

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