Dexron III VP Street Legal Multi-Purpose Auto Trans Fluid (DIII/M)




Product Description

Street Legal Multi-Purpose Automotive Transmission Fluid is a Dexron III premium lubricant. To begin with, we design it for use in automatic transmissions previously serviceable by GM DEXRON-III (H) and FORD MERCON brands. Secondly, we formulate it with advanced additive technology as well as balanced friction modifiers. As a result, it provides both long-term protection and delivers optimum transmission performance for passenger cars, SUV's, and light trucks.
Product Benefits
  • Superior anti-wear properties protect critical transmission components.
  • Balanced frictional properties for smooth shifting
  • Excellent anti-shudder performance
  • Good seal compatibility
  • Protection against both varnish and sludge formation
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Outstanding low-temperature fluidity.
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Additional information

Additional information

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1 Quart, 1 Quart X 12