VP Street Legal Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Trans Fluid (Dexron VI)



Product Description

VP formulates STREET LEGAL™ as a multi-vehicle, synthetic Dexron VI transmission fluid. It meets and exceeds service requirements of multiple global automatic transmissions (see application guide). We recommend it for a broad range of transmission applications. These include GM DEXRON®-VI, Ford Mercon® LV, Toyota WS, Honda DW-1, Nissan Matic S, and Hyundai Diamond SP-IV. Additionally, it is backward compatible. As a result, it's suitable for use in transmissions previously serviceable by obsolete DEXRON®-III(H) and Ford Mercon® brands. Furthermore, we design our Dexron 6 transmission fluid with both a proprietary blend of premium synthetic base stocks and advanced additive technology. This ensures not only peak transmission performance but also long-term protection of critical components.


  • One Dexron VI fluid for multiple global automatic transmission applications
  • Superior anti-wear properties protect critical transmission components
  • Balanced frictional properties for smooth shifting
  • Optimum performance in 6-speed transmissions
  • Superior shear stability delivers stay in grade performance
  • Protection against both varnish and sludge formation
  • Provides superior thermal stability as well as oxidation resistance
  • Outstanding low-temperature performance and fluidity
  • Compatible with conventional fluids for complete fluid exchange or top-off
  • Reduced service liability by minimizing the possibility of fluid misapplication


Refer to Application Guide (Page 2 of Technical Data Sheet) for a full range of suitable global transmission applications. Another key point is that we don't recommend this product for use in either Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) or Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT). It's not suited for applications that require a non-friction modified fluid, such as Ford Type F or Ford Type G (European transmissions). Made in the USA Packing: 1 Quart Bottle (12 bottles per box) Extend the life of your automatic transmission with ATF Pro® Transmission Additive

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Additional information

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