Dexos1 Oil 0W20 Full Synthetic – VP Street Legal Gen 2 Formula (GF-6)


Street Legal premium dexos1 0W20 Synthetic affords maximum engine protection under severe driving conditions, delivers optimum fuel economy and excellent wear protection for critical engine components.



Product Description

Street Legal™ 0W20 dexos1 oil is a full synthetic Gen 2 formula (GF-6) motor oil. We formulate it with select synthetic base oils and a state-of-the-art additive system. As a result, it delivers exceptional, trusted engine protection and peak performance. Moreover, our 0W20 dexos1 oil provides added resistance to sludge formation and varnish deposits during stop-and-go driving. It also maintains outstanding wear protection under severe driving conditions.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent wear protection for critical engine components
  • Ultimate low-temperature engine protection and performance
  • Maintains maximum engine protection under severe operating conditions
  • Protects vehicle emission systems
  • Delivers optimum fuel economy
Learn about oil viscosity and why it's the most important physical property of motor oil.

Additional information

Additional information

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1 Quart, 1 Quart X 12