Sub-Zero™ 2T Snowmobile Oil

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Product Description

Why is Sub-Zero Synthetic 2T Snowmobile Oil the best for 2-cycle engines? It's developed specifically for the demands of snowmobiles. To begin with, we formulate it with select synthetic base oils. Secondly, we include advanced additive technology. As a result, our premium, smokeless, low-odor, 2T oil delivers optimum engine performance and maximum sled protection. Furthermore, its special low-ash additive system minimizes harmful carbon deposits and spark plug fouling. Finally, it prevents both piston ring and exhaust power valve sticking and provides ultimate high-temperature protection to air-cooled 2-stroke engines.

We recommend Sub-Zero 2-stroke snowmobile oil for recreational and racing applications, including Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo & Yamaha Snow Machines.

Oil Injected & Premix 2-Cycle Applications Meets or Exceeds JASO FD, API TC, ISO-L-EGO.

Product Benefits

  • Provides ultimate anti-wear protection for critical engine components
  • Ensures optimum power output and throttle response
  • Minimizes combustion chamber, power valve, and spark plug carbon deposits
  • Affords excellent high-temperature engine protection under severe operating conditions
Looking for snowmobile fuel? Try VP Sled 96. It delivers more consistent performance in changing terrain and elevation conditions. Finally, don't forget to stock up on utility jugs for the winter.

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Additional information

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