VP Battery Charger and Maintainer

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Powered exclusively by CTEK, this device monitors and maintains your battery health and delivers peak battery performance by extending battery life. This connect and forget charger reconditions and restores your battery to optimum performance and is safe for outdoor use as well. This fully automatic charger is the number one OE supplier and backed by a full five year warranty. Swedish CTEK invented the modern automotive smart charger for consumer use almost 20 years ago. CTEK chargers use unique and patented technology to ensure batteries are easily and safely charged and optimally maintained. CTEK chargers also monitor the batteries health, enabling the unit to take the appropriate action to maximize battery capacity and lifespan. MUS 4.3 Accessory Plug make it easy and safe to connect suitable accessories from the CTEK Accessory System.

Features & Benefits


Pulsing voltage removes sulphates from the lead plates in the battery and restores battery capacity.


Tests if the battery can take charge. Charging begins if battery is OK.


Charges at maximum current to approximately 80% of battery capacity.


Ready to use. Charges at declining current until the battery has reached 100% of it’s capacity.


Tests if the battery can hold charge. Batteries that cannot hold charge may need replacement.


Reconditioning function for deeply discharged batteries.


Fully charged. Maintains the battery voltage at the maximum level by providing a constant voltage charge.


Maintains the battery at 95-100% capacity. The charger monitors the battery voltage and gives a pulse when necessary, to keep the battery fully charged.

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