VP Break-in Oil 10W40



Product Description

What differentiates break-in oil from traditional engine oil is its formulation. Break-in oils are typically conventional-based lubricants that contain higher levels of zinc/phosphorus (ZDDP) and moly anti-wear chemistries. ZDDP creates a polar attraction to surfaces in the engine and creates a sacrificial layer to prevent metal-to-metal contact in areas where a full-fluid oil film cannot exist – such as between cam lobes and lifters. Molybdenum disulfide is a sulfate-based additive that protects against corrosion and oxidation while also reducing friction. This is so that the break-in oil can allow controlled friction in low-load areas, such as piston rings while providing exceptional protection to areas with high loads such as the camshaft and lifters. This controlled wear inside the cylinder prevents oil from being burned off at an increased rate due to oil building up between the piston and cylinder. Break-in oil actually assists in the designed wear process (“breaking in") so that future fills with regular engine oil can maintain ongoing protection of the engine. Performance Advantages of VP Break-In Oil
  • Multi high-viscosity, conventional oil blend
  • Increased levels of ZDDP (840 ppm zinc, 1235 ppm phosphorus)
  • Moly wear control additive
  • Shear stable due to enhanced polymers
  • Ultimate protection for flat tappet and roller cams
  • Use for initial 15-20 dyno pulls or 50-100 road miles

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Additional information

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