VP Classic® Gear Oil GL-4 SAE 80W-90



Product Description

VP Classic® 80w90 GL-4 Gear Oil is an API GL-4 lubricant. We design it for use with ‘yellow metals', such as synchronizers, thrust washers, bushings, and other components that are typically found in both classic manual transmissions and transaxles.

The VP Advantage
VP applies a 3-pronged approach to lubricant design. As a result, you get a remarkably stable oil that allows race engines of all types to achieve extraordinary performance and durability:

  • Firstly, we use select base oils with polar characteristics. Consequently, it improves the ability of the oil to cling to metal components by improving viscosity.
  • Secondly, we add a balance of multiple anti-wear chemistries into our 80w90 gear oil beyond zinc (ZDDP). These anti-wear additives adhere to metal surfaces to create a tremendous layer of protection.
  • Finally, we include unique friction modifiers that reduce both fluid-to-fluid friction and surface friction between the oil and moving metal components. This helps to unlock horsepower and torque.
Multiple engine builders, including Al Moody Race Engines, have performed dyno tests of VP’s engine oils. They have documented real horsepower gains. Many of these same engine builders have also done documented video teardowns to inspect wear on engines. The engine sizes ranged from 355 cubic inch dirt track motors to 3,000hp big block marine engines. The results show that not only do engine internals look virtually new, but also they can be reused beyond traditional replacement intervals.

VP engineers a full line of racing lubricants for a wide variety of applications.

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Additional information

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