GL4 Gear Oil – VP Classic® Hi Performance SAE 80W-90


VP Classic SAE 80W-90 GL4 Gear Oil is the perfect lubricant for classic manual transmissions that feature yellow metals or other soft metals. Great for synchronizers, thrust washers, bushings, and other components.



Product Description

We design VP Classic® SAE 80W-90 API GL4 Gear Oil for yellow metals and other soft metals (bronze, brass, copper, etc.) found in most classic manual transmissions. You can also use it for other soft metals found in manual transmissions and transaxles. For instance, synchronizers, thrust washers, bushings, and more. If you own a classic car, it's important to choose the best gear oil to protect both the soft metals and your investment. We recommend its use in traditional manual transmissions such as Rockwell, Muncie, Borg-Warner, Ford, and Saginaw. It's also perfect for import manual transmissions/transaxles that call for an API GL-4 gear oil.

Do NOT use Classic 80W-90 gear oil in applications that require a GL-5 extreme pressure or other gear oil quality. Do NOT use this GL4 gear oil in applications calling for an OEM specialized lubricant. VP offers a full line of automotive lubricants, oils, and fluids for a wide variety of applications to meet your needs.

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Additional information

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