SAE 70 Oil – VP NITRO SAE 70 Hi Performance Racing Oil




Product Description

VP's SAE 70 Nitro Hi-Performance Racing Oil uses a heavy viscosity conventional base oil. It provides superior film strength, wettability, and protection from excessive blow-by into the oil. To begin with, we include enhanced levels of ZDDP (zinc) for added wear protection. We also add a friction-reducing additive. As a result, it affords critical protection for extreme load, high torque, and high-temperature applications.

We design Nitro SAE 70 Racing Oil for extremely stressed, high-performance competition engines. Use it for both racing and drag racing as well as tractor pulling. It's suited for applications fueled by gasoline, diesel, alcohol, or nitromethane.

Do not use oil additives with this product. It's also not suitable with catalytic converters. Always consult your owner's manual/engine builder for proper viscosity and quality level.

For ultimate performance, power, and consistency, shop VP's line of technologically advanced racing fuels.

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Additional information

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