VP Power™ Clean


Power™ Clean powers off the toughest dirt and is safe to use on any surface, except glass (may leave residue). Our all-purpose cleaner also works great to clean tires and wheels. Power Clean is water-based, made with natural surfactants, and is safe for the environment.



Product Description

VP Power™ Clean is a revolutionary product and the best bug remover and all-purpose cleaner for cars and just about ANY OTHER VEHICLE. Firstly, we design it with special polymers and emulsifiers that break down the dirtiest and filthiest grime, brake dust, and oily residue. As previously mentioned, it removes bugs exceptionally well. In addition, VP Power™ Clean is safe to use on any part of your vehicle - inside and out - except glass. It will leave a residue on glass, which can be cleaned with soap and water. In fact, independent studies show that it works better on heavily soiled surfaces compared to many of the other leading brands.

Our all-purpose cleaner is water-based and made with natural surfactants, so it’s safe for the environment and safe for you.

VP Power™ Clean is fast and easy to use - just spray and wipe. It's great as a wheel and tire cleaner. However, we recommend using a brush or towel to work the product into the surface.

Instead of filling your garage with a shelf full of all-purpose cleaners, choose one high-quality cleaner that’s uniquely suited to safely clean your car. Choose VP Power™ Clean.

Advantages of VP Power™ Clean
  • Safe to use on any surface, except glass
  • Safe for the environment and you
  • Powers off the toughest dirt, brake dust, oily residue, and more
  • Superior bug remover
  • Can be used on the entire vehicle interior and exterior
  • Ultimate wheel and tire cleaner
  • Easy to use – just spray on and wipe off
  • Can be diluted for lighter cleaning
  • Great all-purpose cleaner for the home
Spend more time enjoying your ride rather than cleaning it. Hurt the dirt with VP Power™ Clean.

VP also offers a complete Detailers 4-Pack With Microfiber Cloth. It includes VP Power Clean, VP Power Wax, VP Power Leather & Interior Detailer, and VP Power Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer.

Cleaning Products Right to Know Table

  • CAS#
    Chemical Names
  • 68439-46-3
    Alcohols, 9-11, ethoxylatedAlcohols, 9-11, ethoxylated
  • 6834-92-0
    Disodium metasilicateDisodium metasilicate
  • 29911-28-2
  • 5989-27-5
    Fragrance allergens
    Fragrance allergens
  • 1310-73-2
    Sodium hydroxideSodium hydroxide
  • 7732-18-5

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Additional information

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