VP Powersports Chain Lube




Product Description

VP Powersports Chain Lube provides superb protection against rust and corrosion with unsurpassed lubrication. As a result, it extends the life of your chain and sprocket. Our motorcycle chain lube will not fling-off or collect dirt when used properly. We recommend it as both an off-road motorcycle chain lube and for ATVs with both non-O ring roller style chains and O, X, and Z-ring chains.

To prevent potentially dangerous gunk build-up, cleaning and inspecting the chain on your motorcycle or ATV should be a key part of regular maintenance. A dry and unclean chain translates into costly problems later on and will effect performance. Road grit wears down the chain and sprocket. Moreover, a lack of lubrication dries out the seals and can create unnecessary friction that could damage the chain and sprocket.

Performance Benefits:
  • No-sling formula! It eliminates mess and keeps product in place for better protection
  • Product dries clear and gives a cleaner look
  • Will not collect dirt
  • Provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion

Try VP Powersports Chain Cleaner to easily cut through and dissolve dirt, grime, and grease. It makes cleaning your chain a breeze.

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Additional information

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