VP Trials 2ST Motorcycle Fuel




Product Description

This is a go-to fuel if you own a trials motorcycle. We develop and test VP Trials 2ST motorcycle fuel in conjunction with top pro riders. We blend it for the specific needs of trial motorcycle engines.

Trials motorcycle engines are very different in how they perform, idle, and load, leading to variations in responsiveness. Trial bike engines have heavy flywheels that the rider must spool up before releasing the clutch. As a result, the engines must smoothly rev from idle to thousands of RPM instantly and then back to idle without loading up or hesitation.

Our 2ST fuel eliminates engine load and hesitation issues because we formulate it for maximum consistency and clean-burning performance in Trials bikes. For ultimate performance and protection, try VP X2 1050 full synthetic 2-stroke engine oil.

Read a review of VP Trials 2ST from Ultimate Motorcycling, and see how it makes a difference.

Product Benefits

  • Designed for High Torque at Low RPM
  • 95 Octane for Clean Burning Power
  • Vaporizes and Runs Cooler than Pump Gas
  • Extremely Long Shelf Life

Additional information

Additional information

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