VP PowerMaster hobby fuels are developed and tested by VP Racing Fuels® at its own on-site laboratory using nothing less than the purest ingredients available. Every batch of PowerMaster fuel is blended to the tightest tolerances possible – tolerances that cannot be matched by other hobby fuel brands. What you get are longer runtimes, a cleaner burn and best of all, more power.

Nitro R/C Fuel


Power Filler
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The most trusted name in hobby fuel technology

This is a strong claim, but what does it really mean? It means that for more than 40 years, VP Racing Fuels has led the motorsports industry with the fastest and most reliable fuel blends available. VP has racked up thousands of wins in virtually every racing on land, sea and air. Even the most accomplished Reno Air Racing teams choose VP fuels to power the fastest piston-powered airplanes on the planet. The importance of the best fuel components and chemical consistency doesn’t get more critical than that.

VP PowerMaster offers the best distribution in the market, whether down the street or worldwide. We even have our own trucking company to ensure you get the fuel when and where you need it.

Nitro R/C Fuel





Master Basher 20


PowerMaster Nitro Race™ is developed by VP Racing Fuels to be THE answer for your racing needs. Nitro Race is formulated with a
high-performance oil package for incredible rpm and power gains without sacraficing reliability. World and national championships winners for both off-road and on-road.

• Ultra-clean burn
• Easy to tune
• No after-run necessary
• Multi-viscosity 9% lubrication package
• Synthetic/Castor blend w/ high-tech EP package for the ultimate combination of rpm and protection


  • 20% Nitro Race Car 9% Oil
  • 25% Nitro Race Car 9% Oil
  • 30% Nitro Race Car 9% Oil
  • 40% Nitro Race Car 9% Oil
    *inquire for specialty blends

On Road Fuel

  • 16% Touring Car 9% Oil
  • 25% Road Race 11% Oil

Pro Competition Off-Road

  • Pro Race 25% 9% Oil
  • Pro Race 30% 9% Oil
  • 25% Ty Tessmann 25% World Championship blend proprietay oil package
  • 30% Ty Tessmann 30% World Championship blend proprietary oil package

Drag Fuel

  • 50% VP Drag Race special proprietary oil package

PowerMaster Golden Break-in

13% Nitro with 14% Hi-Tech lubricating package designed to assist in breaking in engines.


R/C Aviation Fuel

Using 80% multi- viscosity synthetics and 20% of the highest quality acid free castor. Even the most accomplished Reno Air Racing teams choose VP fuels to power the fastest piston-powered airplanes in the world and have made VP the “Fuel of Choice” for over 25 years. Imagine what VP/PowerMaster can do for your scale R/C aircraft.

• Ultra-clean burn
• Easy to tune
• No after-run necessary
• Synthetic and Synthetic/Castor blends are available in all popular oil percentages:
*inquire for specialty blends


  • 10% Mean & Green 18% multi-viscosity synthetic oils for hi-performance 2/4 stroke engines
  • 15% Mean & Green 18% multi-viscosity synthetic oils for hi-performance 2/4 stroke engines
  • 20% YS/Saito 20/20 – 20% multi-viscosity synthetic oils for hi-perfromance YS & Saito Engines

Control Line

  • GMA 5/22 – 5% Nitro with 22% oil package, 11% multi-viscosity synthetic and 11% castor
  • GMA 10/22 – 10% Nitro with a 22% oil package, 11% multi-viscosity synthetic and 11% castor

Synthetic/Castor Blend

  • 5% Air 18% Synthetic/Caster  Oil Package for 2 Stroke Performance
  • 10% Air 18% Synthetic/Caster  Oil Package for 2/4 Stroke Performance
  • 15% Air 18% Synthetic/Caster  Oil Package for 2/4 Stroke Performance
  • 20% Air 18% Synthetic/Caster  Oil Package for 2/4 Stroke Performance
  • 15% 4 stroke 14% Synthetic/Caster  Oil Package for 4 Stroke Performance

R/C Boat Fuel

VP also engineers high-performance R/C model boat fuel for the PowerMaster line of fuels. The same quality and performance standards are found in every boat blend. National winning fuel.

30% Boat 18% multi-viscosity synthetic and caster oil package

40% Boat 18% multi-viscosity synthetic and caster oil package

60% Boat 18% multi-viscosity synthetic and caster oil package

Premium Heli Fuel

PowerMaster Premium Heli Fuel is developed with a low-viscosity oil package combined with a technically-advanced extreme pressure additive package that eliminates bearing wear under any load. This high-performance lubrication package works extremely well for steel bearings and ceramics alike. No other fuel flows through the regulator like PowerMaster’s low viscosity fuels. Under high load tic tock maneuvers the power remains clean and consistent with zero sagging. World championship winning helicopter fuel.

  • Unmatched crankshaft protection
  • Ultra-clean burn
  • No After-run Necessary

Synthetic and Synthetic/Castor blends are available in all popular oil percentages:

Low Viscosity – All Synthetic

  • 15% Helicopter 23% Low-viscosity synthetic oils
  • 23.5% Helicopter 23% Low-viscosity synthetic oils
  • 30% Helicopter 23% Low Viscosity Synthetic Oils

Master Basher 20

VP Racing Fuels has developed the perfect recipe for RTR engines and sport/entry level hobbyists. Master Basher 20 is a sophisticated blend of the right amount of oil with the right amount of nitro to provide your RTR nitro engine with insane power and extremely long life. Throw your worries out the window.

With such a broad tuning range, Master Basher 20 is undoubtedly the easiest to-tune fuel on the market. Couple that with an advanced multi-viscosity extreme pressure additive oil package and you have the ultimate RTR fuel.

Master Basher 20 utilizes an advanced lubrication and additive package designed for entry-level engines and users that result in less wear and longer engine life.

• Multi-viscosity extreme pressure additive oil package
• Advanced protection additive package includes anti-foaming agents, anti-rust and anti-corrosion package
• 99.9% pure nitromethane
• DOT approved pressure-tested metal can with an inner lining to prevent corrosion


Only VP/PowerMaster can combine this kind of performance, quality and reliability all in one package making Master Basher 20 the best value in a can. VP/ PowerMaster make choosing the right fuel for your new RTR car or truck a no-brainer.

VP/PowerMaster – Master Basher 20

Don’t take a chance with your new investment. Use Master Basher 20 and fuel your new RTR engine with the perfect blend.

Trust the name.
Trust VP PowerMaster.


The Problem

Giant-scale R/C vehicles are powered by small displacement 2-stroke engines. These engines require a gasoline-type fuel mixed with an oil lubricant. This form of fuel and R/C vehicle are generally easy to tune and provide good power, but there are a few signicant drawbacks to using the typical pump gas you buy down at the corner store. So, what are you really getting at the gas station?
Regulations for the gas at your local service station are constantly changing and evolving to the point that their chemical makeups are ok to use in your automobile but tend to wreak havoc to the fuel system components of your expensive R/C vehicle. Today, the gas at most pump stations contains 10-percent ethanol, and that is set to increase to 15 percent in the near future, and has in some places. The ethanol is said to act as a detergent to keep the entire fuel system clean; what they don’t tell you is that ethanol attracts moisture and tends to deteriorate all of the components from the fuel lines to the gaskets in the carburetor. The ethanol will do a good job of breaking up any gunk that rests in the fuel tank, but that gunk will be sent through to the carburetor, or plug any lters in the system. If you leave fuel in the tank, it will attract moisture and contaminate the fuel, which can lead to problems starting the engine.

The Solution: PowerMixTM

PowerMix premixed R/C fuel contains NO ETHANOL and is currently available in three versions, 40:1, 50:1 and 25:1. PowerMix is extremely stable for a long shelf life, lasting for over 2 years in its sealed container, or for several months in the fuel tank of your R/C vehicle. The PowerMix fuel blend has been thoroughly and specically tested in the wide array of small 2-stroke giant-scale R/C engine applications and utilizes the highest quality 100% synthetic oil on the market. PowerMix produces tons of power, improves throttle response and provides a smoother, more linear power band vs. pump gas. This results in easier tuning and lower engine temperatures – Not to mention eliminating fuel system failures, downtime and costs relating to problems caused by ethanol.


PowerMix 25:1 premix

  • Covers most engine manufacturers’ recommendations for giant-scale cars and trucks
  • Perfect for beginners wanting a safe and simple solution to pump gas.
  • Provides excellent power and throttle response with plenty of lubrication.

PowerMix 40:1 premix

  • Improved performance for competition giant-scale cars and trucks.
  • Perfect for airplanes that require a 40:1 oil mix.
  • The choice of world and national caliber 1/5 scale racers. Multi-time 1/5 scale national championship winner and the preferred blend for LOSI 5-T’s and HPI Baja’s

PowerMix 50:1 premix

  • The most powerful premixed ready-to-use fuel on the market for giant-scale R/C. Warning: Only for use by experienced giant-scale car and truck engine tuners.
  • Perfect for giant-scale airplanes requiring 50:1 oil mix. 2011 XFC Giant-Scale Race Winner!

PowerMix Premium

  • Powermix premium- for the flyer/racer wanting to use their own lubricating package or for 4 stroke applications

Power Filler Fuel Bottle

Fuel your R/C nitro machine in style with the new VP/PowerMaster 500cc Power Filler fuel bottle!
The VP/PowerMaster Power Filler bottle sets itself apart from the rest with its eye-catching three-color graphics and is made to last with its high quality construction and race-tested design. The easy-squeeze feel and angled spout delivers fast and consistent fills to get you in and out of the pits in a hurry. The Power Filler fuel bottle comes preassembled and includes a snug-t cap for proper seal.

A VP/PowerMaster decal sheet is also included making it an even greater value. Visit your local hobby shop or to order, call 210-635-7744 EXT 211 or click below to order.

Have any questions or need help?

Call Tommy Porfirio 210-635-7744 EXT 211 or click below for Tech questions form.