VP PowerMaster is on the move picking up some big players for 2013. VP PowerMaster has grown tremendously in just our first two years of existence in the hobby fuel market and we have our sights set on getting even bigger. VP PowerMaster would like to welcome our new additions to the team: 2012 IFMAR Nitro Off-Road World Championship TQ “The Fastest Man in the World”, Elliot Boots, 2006 IMAR Nitro Off-Road World Champion, Mark Pavidas and the entire Empire Hobbies Helicopter Flight Team.

Elliot Boots
This young man has been making a big name for himself on the R/C off-road scene. Elliot beat the fastest in the world at the 2012 IFMAR Nitro Off-Road World Championships in Argentina by taking the overall TQ spot and then followed that up by making his way to the front of the field at this year’s Nitro Challenge in Arizona. His run ended prematurely due to a mechanical issue, but his presence and speed was definitely felt. Elliot has quickly become the driver that all others fear as he has the ability to win at any given race. His very first race on VP PowerMaster fuel scored him the TQ & win at the popular Bunny Boiler Cup in Europe.

Here’s what his Crew Chief had to say about his experience with VP PowerMaster Fuel:

“As you are aware we had a great weekend … TQ in all 5 rounds of qualifying then going on to win the A-main Final. Elliott was in top form and really excited about the new fuel, which I found absolutely amazing. It’s definitely the best fuel we have ever used. We were able to get 10-minute fuel runs out of it and the engine was really stable all weekend. It created a lot of interest – I think this fuel is going to be very big in the UK and throughout Europe in the near future and certainly we will be promoting it as heavily as possible.” – Chris Boots, Elliot’s Crew Chief / Father

Mark Pavidas
Mark is one of the most widely-known off-road racers in the R/C racing world. He’s won many championship races in various off-road classes throughout his career, with his latest being the 2006 IFMAR Off-Road World Championship in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mark’s name is also synonymous with AKA Products, the championship winning tires and accessory company. He co-founded AKA with two other R/C legends, Joel Johnson and Gil Losi Jr. Mark knows a thing about R/C and what it takes to win at the highest levels of R/C nitro racing. He chose VP PowerMaster and we couldn’t be happier to have Mark on the team. In Mark’s first race out on VP PowerMaster he brought home the TQ and win in the 1/8 Buggy Masters class at this year’s Nitro Challenge race in Arizona.

Empire Hobbies Heli Flight Team

Empire Hobbies has put together quite a team for 2013 to compete and demo their Gaui line of helicopters. National and World-caliber pilots like JC Zankl, Mitch Marozas, Matt Nasca and Andy Panoncillo will be flying with VP PowerMaster exclusively for 2013 season. Their favorite choice of fuel is our VP PowerMaster 15% Low Viscosity blend for machines like the Gaui NX4 nitro heli. They will be proudly sporting the VP PowerMaster brand logos on all their machines and apparel. In addition, Empire Hobbies will also be promoting the VP brand in their advertisements, print and digital. The Empire Hobbies crew are very approachable and are excellent ambassadors to the R/C heli sport. They’re already locked in for top billing sponsorship for the Orlando, IRCHA and Night Fly sponsorship this season, with many more to come.

VP PowerMaster is excited to have Team Empire Hobbies aboard and flying VP colors to promote and grow the R/C heli sport.

“If it’s good enough for high-end full scale racing, it’s going to be awesome for me” – Jack Burnside, Empire Hobby, LLC