WHO IS THE MAD SCIENTIST™?vc_gitem_image_optimized

Very simply, the “Mad Scientist” is the alter ego of VP’s founder and creator of all our leading edge formulas, Steve Burns. The name stems from Burns’ self-taught expertise in chemistry and passion for performance – a near “maniacal” focus on “makin’ power” and helping his customers win. This same passion for performance is instilled throughout VP Racing Fuels.

Helping our Partners Achieve Success

VP’s whole philosophy is built on helping our customers achieve success. For most of our history, that meant helping racers achieve optimum performance as they pursued their passion. This same mindset is now being carried over to VP’s new product lines, to our retail branding program and VP gas stations/convenience stores.  VP is focused on helping our distributors, dealers and retail partners optimize their performance – to make their businesses more competitive and more profitable.

Helping our Retail Customers Optimize Performance

VP is just as focused on helping our retail customers. While grounded in the world of high performance, our new products and branding program put us in the position to help customers not only on the track, but on the street, in the yard, at home or at work – to perform like champions wherever they are in whatever they do.

Encouraging Everyone in Pursuit of Their Passion

Not everyone is a racer.  But each of us has a passion that, with our best effort and proper encouragement, can lead to success.  The Mad Scientist, therefore, symbolizes not only VP’s passion for top performance with our own products and as a company, but our commitment to help all our customers achieve their goals and dreams.

“Our Passion is Your Performance.™”