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The VP Brand Appeal

VP consumers are both passionate for and have a deep emotional connection to our brand. In other words, they’re loyal. Why? Firstly, part of that lifestyle appeal is tied to our tradition in motorsports. VP Racing is an official fuel or lubricant provider to more than 60 race series worldwide. This includes drag racing, motorcycles, dirt racing, powerboats, sports cars, and more. Not only are these events broadcast on major TV networks, but they also have tremendous reach and engagement on social media channels. Due to our company’s prevalence at these events, we get an enormous amount of exposure on television and digital platforms.

VP-branded gas station pump

Customers Seek our Products

Secondly, VP has fueled more race champions than any other brand on the planet. Racing champions widely use and endorse VP products because they see results. As the saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” These influencers help to further validate the brand.

The net result is that fans actively seek VP products for their high-performance automobiles, motorcycles, boats, UTV’s, and other recreational toys. The increased demand has led to accelerated growth of both our consumer products line as well as our burgeoning apparel and merchandise divisions.

VP fuel additives

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To help meet that demand and better serve our base, VP consumers can now purchase our leading-edge Madditive® fuel & oil additives, motor oils, small engine fuels/lubricants, race fuel, and branded merchandise at VP gas stations, quick lubes, marinas, and car washes. As a result, these retail locations have become a one-stop-shop, which makes them truly unique among their peers.

As VP retail locations continue to expand, keep an eye out. There might be one coming soon to a town near you.

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