Racing Brake Fluid – VP 622 Full Synthetic Dot 4


VP 622 Racing Brake Fluid has one of the highest wet boiling points of any brand. We make our full synthetic formula for automobiles and powersports applications. It resists brake fade and maintains superb stability under high temps



Product Description

We formulate our Dot 4 VP 622 Full Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid for the demands of hard racing and hard braking that comes with it. Moreover, we design it for use in both automobiles and powersport applications. 622 Racing Brake Fluid maintains stability under high temperatures, lap after lap. A key point is that it has one of the highest wet boiling points of any Dot 4 brake fluid. Wet boiling point is the temperature at which the fluid begins to boil after it has absorbed 3.7% water by volume. VP 622 is a true high-performance brake fluid; it resists vapor lock and fade while delivering a better and more consistent pedal feel.

Brake fluid wears out over time and it naturally absorbs moisture. For this reason, it's critical to periodically bleed your brakes and replace the fluid with fresh fluid. Maintaining your brake system is crucial for the health and performance of both your vehicle and your safety. Moisture can cause internal corrosion in multiple components of a brake system, leading to expensive repairs, or worse, brake failure.

VP 622 Racing Brake Fluid is the perfect high performance fluid for brakes, no matter the application.

Do you know what brake fluid you need, or what brake fluid does? Find out how to choose the right one for your high-performance application.

If you're shopping for the best DOT 4 brake fluid for racing or performance, VP 622 offers multiple advantages and benefits:

Product Benefits

  • Wet boiling point: 399°F. Standard Dot 4 fluids have a wet boiling point of 311°F
  • Full synthetic
  • For use in automobiles and powersports
  • Maintains superb stability under high temps
  • Resists brake fade, which is when your brake pedal feels spongy. This is caused by excessive heat buildup from friction at high speeds or when riding your brakes
  • Combats vapor lock, which is when you experience no pressure at all on the brake pedal, resulting in a total loss of brake power

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Additional information

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