VP Octanium® Octane Booster


Octanium increases octane by up to 80 points (8 numbers). It eliminates knocking & pinging, improves throttle response, removes gum and varnish, and cleans fuel injectors. Made for off-road use in vehicles without O2 sensors and catalytic converters.



Product Description

Octanium® gas octane booster gives you an octane boost up to 8 numbers (80 points). We blend it for off-road racing applications and it can be used as a lead substitute. Furthermore, Octanium improves engine performance by eliminating knocking and pinging and it also enhances throttle response and acceleration. Additionally, our VP Racing octane booster cleans fuel injectors while knocking out gum and varnish buildup.

Product Benefits

  • One bottle treats up to 10 gallons of fuel (38 Liters)
  • Gives high octane boost of up to 8 numbers / 80 points
  • Increases horsepower
  • Eliminates knocking and pinging
  • Lead substitute
  • Improves throttle response and acceleration
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Eliminates gum and varnish build-up

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Octanium work with O2 sensors and catalytic converters?
In a word, no. It is not suited for vehicles equipped with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. We suggest that you use VP Octanium Unleaded. at the recommended treat rate. Doing so ensures the safety of those emission control devices.

How long does it last in its original packaging?
An unopened can will last up to five years.

How many numbers will it boost my octane?
One quart treats up to 10 gallons and gives you an octane boost up to eight numbers. Another key point is that it improves throttle response and acceleration while eliminating knocks and pings. Comparatively, if you treat 20 gallons of gas with one quart of this product, your octane can increase by up to 4 numbers.

Is it safe to use in a two stroke engine? Specifically a snowmobile engine? It’s a Polaris 850 Patriot. I only have access to 90 and 88 octane unleaded gas and the manufacturer recommends minimum 91 octane
It is safe for use in both 2-cycle & 4-cycle applications. The exact dosage will depend on whether or not your application has emission control devices (ECDs). If it does have ECDs, you'll want to use Octanium Unleaded.

Customer Reviews

  • "It's A MUST HAVE, if you drive any sports car! I will make this brief, calculating at only using 4 ounces of the 32 per fill-up, I have come to the conclusion that if a little, makes this kind of difference! Then what will another 4 ounces added make? So, I recalculated at 8 ounces per fill-up, and WOW! I am truly impressed by the cooling running of my different cars, even the sound of them has changed to a smoother running one. I even put 4 ounces in my Harley Soft-tail, now it's getting really scary! All of my vehicle get better gas mileage as well as a lot more POWER! I highly recommend this product." - Havtimwiltravel / AutoZone customer review on Google
  • "1994 corvette LT-1 / 6Spd. manual VP awoke the beast crisp throttle, explosive launches, possibly a twisted torque arm you got me as a life long customer VP products are the real MAD DOCTOR!!!!" - Martin / Chaparral Motorsports customer review on Google

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Additional information

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