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Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Assembly Lube & More

VP Racing is more than just fuel. We apply the same technological expertise to design an unmatched line of cutting-edge synthetic and conventional racing engine oils, gear oils, assembly lube, and other lubricants.

Our racing engine oils are second-to-none in the industry and deliver world-class engine durability. They’re great for flat tappet and roller cam applications. We blend our racing oils with multiple anti-wear chemistries that provide outstanding wear protection, plus a unique friction modifier that reduces friction, resulting in lower operating temperatures and increased horsepower.

We also add an aggressive detergent dispersant package that minimizes oxidation, soot thickening, sludge, and engine deposits. VP’s multi-grade oils utilize shear stable polymers that decrease viscosity loss.

VP Break-In Oil has proven itself while enjoying tremendous growth among leading engine builders. Its unique multi-grade formula contains high-quality conventional base stocks, ZDDP, Moly, and an aggressive detergent dispersant package that keeps particles and contaminants away from engine parts. Our Assembly Lube compliments the Break-In Oil, providing ultimate protection during the assembly and break-in process.

Finally, VP blends a superior line of synthetic and non-synthetic, limited slip-capable GL-5 gear oils. We design them to exceed the needs of automotive gear applications and race cars under high speed, high shock load, and low speed, high torque conditions.

We offer classic car owners a unique VP Classic SAE 80W-90 GL-4 gear oil for use with yellow metal (bronze, brass, copper) components found in classic manual transmissions and transaxles. Whether it’s a big block or small block engine, road racing or drag racing, snowmobiles, tractor pulling, or classic cars, VP has the perfect lubricants for your application.

VP Pro Grade Engine Oil

Full Synthetic

VP Pro Grade full synthetic racing oils are dyno tested and track-proven. We blend our SAE 0W-20 full synthetic oil with leading-edge chemistry and advanced technology for race track applications. It delivers superior durability and friction control for maximum power and protection. Pro Grade SAE 0W-20 oil is for professional, semi-pro, and high-intensity amateur racers. When results matter and 2nd place isn’t good enough, trust best-in-class Pro Grade 0W-20 synthetic oil.

· Suited for high horsepower, high-RPM, big block race engines
· High temp/High shear protection
· Anti-foam additive chemistry
· Protects flat tappet and roller cams
· DO NOT mix oil additive supplements with Pro Grade SAE 0W-20 Full Synthetic Oil
· Not compatible with top-fuel/nitro drag racing
· Not compatible with catalytic converters, which are on most street cars

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“It looked as good as any oil we’ve ever used. All I can say is, if it was my engine i’d use VP Racing Oil.”

– Don Miller, Engine Builder for TRD & Johnny Greaves

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VP Hi-Performance Engine Oil

Synthetic Blend

VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend SAE Oil delivers increased power and wear protection for high-stress, high-performance gasoline engines. We formulate it for both on-road and off-road applications. Moreover, we blend our oil not only for race engines but also classic, historic, vintage, hot rod, street rod, muscle, and other enthusiast applications. Do not use in conjunction with alcohol, methanol, or nitromethane applications. Also not suited for vehicles equipped with catalytic converters. DO NOT mix oil additive supplements with VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oils.

VP applies a 3-pronged approach to lubricant design. As a result, you get a remarkably stable oil that allows race engines of all types to achieve extraordinary performance and durability:

  • Firstly, we add enhanced levels of zinc (ZDDP) in addition to other anti-wear chemistries
  • Secondly, we include an aggressive detergent package that reduces oxidation
  • Finally, we design it with both strong rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as a friction modifier
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Traditional & Classic Engine Oil


VP Traditional oil is a non-synthetic racing oil designed with heavy viscosity base oils that provide superior film strength, wettability, and protection for excessive blow-by into the oil. We blend it with enhanced levels of ZDDP (zinc/phosphorous), which gives added wear protection to flat tappet/roller cams, and we include an additive that reduces friction. Furthermore, VP Traditional features both a strong detergent dispersant package and anti-foam control.

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VP Gear Oils

Full & Semi-Synthetic

VP’s line of premium GL5 & GL4 gear oils provides superior performance and protection for extended component life.We formulate it with extreme pressure additives and rust and corrosion inhibitors to ensure superior protection for gears and bearings. It provides year-round protection in all climates.

VP Hi-Performance SAE 75W140 Gear Oil is a full synthetic, high-quality API GL5 limited slip oil built for high performance. It provides outstanding shear stability, low-temp fluidity, low frictional drag, and foaming resistance. Our limited slip 75W140 gear oil affords excellent all-climate, year-round protection against high-speed scoring, low speed/high torque wear, and heavy shock loading conditions.

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Break In Oil &

Engine Assembly Lube

VP 10W-40 Break-In Engine Oil is a unique, multi-viscosity oil. We formulate it with a blend of high-quality conventional base stocks, ZDDP, Moly, and other additive chemistries. It allows newly machined engines to properly finish seating and mating of machine engine parts.

· Multi-viscosity conventional oil blend
· Balanced level of ZDDP and moly anti-wear additives
· Shear stable polymers to prevent viscosity loss during break-in process
· Aggressive detergent/dispersant additive system
· Ultimate protection for flat tappet and roller cams
· Use for initial 15-20 dyno pulls or 50-100 road miles

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