Factory Fills 

VP offers a flexible alternative to traditional mega petroleum companies for sourcing high quality fuels to ensure correct operation of new vehicles and to reduce injector and fuel system issues caused by ethanol and other fuel oxidation issues. VP’s fuels can be trusted for their stability and ability to meet varying requirements around the world. In addition to fuels, VP offers a full line of performance lubricants and coolants for standard passenger cars as well as sports cars and off-road vehicles.


Test & Reference Fuels

VP helps OEMs solve fuel challenges by providing engineering expertise, custom blending, and global manufacturing capabilities to support automotive, powersports, and military customers: 

  • Emissions & fuel economy testing
  • Engine development reference fuels
  • Custom fuels for specific applications

Private Label Performance Products

Create brand loyalty among performance-minded customers while expanding your branded fluid lines for recurring dealer revenue:

  • Worldwide distribution of performance fuels including emerging markets (China, India) where fuel quality issues can lead to complaints or warranty claims
  • Performance coolants that reduce engine operating temps up to 30˚ F (perfect for high horsepower and forced induction engines)
  • Additives to increase octane up to 7 numbers and dyno-tested to increase horsepower and torque up to 15%
  • Fuel system additives with premium European-sourced PEA cleaners, lubricants, and stabilizers (diesel, gasoline)
  • Automotive appearance products (cleaner, detailer, wax)

GM Performance: COPO Camaro

In 2012, GM made a bold decision to bring back its legendary COPO Camaro. Only 69 models are built each year with a waiting list of thousands of automotive enthusiasts hoping to buy one. The purpose-built race cars are a nod to GM’s past, while representing the latest in engine development technology in their modern LT1, 427, and LSX engines. GM Performance turned to VP to provide a test fuel for engine dyno testing and track tuning. VP’s C12 fuel was endorsed by GM for use in the COPO Camaro for maximum performance and reliability

Ford Performance: Cobra Jet & Bronco Offroad

When Ford needed a specialty fuel for the development of its supercharged V-8 engine drag car package, they turned to VP Racing Fuels. VP worked closely with Ford Racing to provide fuel formulation expertise to support dyno testing and development. VP’s C16 fuel was recommended by Ford for use in the Cobra Jet for maximum performance and reliability.

When Ford decided to bring back the legendary Bronco in 2020, they entrusted Offroad Hall of Fame racer Cameron Steele to prepare them for offroad action. Cameron turned to VP for first-fill fuel, coolant, and lubricants to deliver industry leading performance in extreme conditions. For instance, VP’s Stay Frosty®️ coolant lowers engine temperatures up to 30O F and protects sensitive aluminum cooling system components from corrosion caused by electrolysis.

RTR Vehicles was founded in 2009 by Formula Drift superstar Vaughn Gittin Jr. to create extreme versions of Ford’s F-150, Ranger and Mustang models. Their latest 700hp Mustang versions are inspired by the 1200hp RTR Motorsports drift Mustangs that use VP fuel and coolant, and are endorsed by Gittin himself.


M-Sport provides the engineering expertise behind the award-winning range of Ford rally cars, the Bentley Continental GT3,  and is the technical partner for Jaguar’s I-PACE eTROPHY. M-Sport was awarded the Ford contract for rallying as well as competition research and development in 1996. The team has won multiple FIA World Rally Championship for Manufacturers crowns in 2006, 2007 and 2017.  In 2015, when M-Sport wanted to develop a racing fuel for engine development of their R2 and R5 Fiesta models, they turned to VP Racing Fuels. VP developed its R5.1 FIA certified fuel at the M-Sport facility in the UK through a close collaboration with the technical teams at M-Sport. R5.1 is now a leading rally fuel in the UK and beyond.


VP continues a 50-year tradition of working with motorcycle OEMs by developing specialty 2-stroke fuels for Sherco’s trial bikes. Sherco needed a stable, high-performance option to pump gas as trial bikes require maximum throttle response for steep climbing use. VP’s ability to formulate and deliver highly stable performance fuels to support factory production requirements make it the endorsed first-fill fuel of Sherco’s trial and non-trial bikes.

Manufacturing Capabilities

VP operates multiple fuel manufacturing plants in the USA and has international distribution in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. We provide our customers with a full suite of production capabilities:

  • Custom fuel blending and formulation for gasoline, diesel and aviation engines
  • Custom lubricants blending and formulation
  • Custom packaging options ranging from 2 ounces (59 ml) to railcars
  • Turnkey shipping logistics
  • Plastics (blow molding)

Research & Testing Capabilities

VP’s in-house Research and Testing Capabilities allow for rapid development of custom fuels that can be designed to test specifications, regulatory requirements or customer needs.

  • Hydrocarbon qualitative analysis
  • H2O quantitative analysis
  • Metal analysis by X-Ray fluorescence
  • Density and specific gravity of fluids
  • Hydrocarbon vapor pressure
  • Atmospheric distillation
  • Acidity of fluids as acetic acid
  • Engine dynamometer testing
  • Crank angle resolved combustion analysis

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