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Small Engine Fuel

The line of VP Small Engine Fuel is formulated from higher-grade base stocks that make for a superior clean-burning fuel. Therefore, our superior ethanol-free 40:1 mix, 50:1 mix, Multi-Mix, and 4-Cycle SEF’s eliminate issues in outdoor power equipment caused by ethanol-blended pump gas.

All VP Small Engine Fuel is blended with only the best components with no unnecessary filler additives. Plus, our SEF’s remain stable in the tank for up to two years and up to five years in an unopened container. You don’t need to add fuel stabilizers.

Our one-gallon cans have a FULL gallon of fuel (128 oz.). Most competing brands have 110 oz. in their one-gallon cans. Check the label-it’s right there. In addition, our five-gallon pails have five FULL gallons. Most other brands put 4.75 gallons in their “five” gallon pails.

We’ve made specialty fuels for nearly 50 years. VP is not a power equipment manufacturer that makes fuel. We’re a fuel company that makes… fuel. Remember that when you’re comparing brands for your outdoor power equipment.

We have detailed product descriptions within each product page. However, if you still have additional questions, please access our FAQ for small engine fuels.

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