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RC Airplane Fuel Blends

VP airplane RC fuel is second to none in the industry. We formulate several superior blends for nitro RC planes, including 5%, 10%, and 15% nitro. We add a 18% synthetic and castor lubrication package to each.

Mean and Green contains an 18% full synthetic lubrication package. It’s available in both 10% and 15% nitro fuel blends. This fuel is ideal for the performance flyer wanting the highest RPM’s.

YS/Saito 20/20 is a dedicated 4-stroke fuel. It’s engineered with 20% nitro and a 20% synthetic lubrication package. This blend meets the strictest and most exacting specifications. Furthermore, it is the only blend in the business that engine manufacturers YS and Saito have signed off on.

VP has nearly 50 years of expertise in formulating championship-winning race fuels. We have applied this knowledge to design the best RC fuel for airplanes on the market.