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RC Car Fuel Blends

VP offers a variety of nitro fuel for nitro RC cars. Whether you’re a beginner, a “backyard basher,” or someone wanting to win a National or World Championship, VP has an RC car fuel for you. Master Basher is the premier fuel for RTR or ready to run vehicles. Master Basher utilizes advanced lubrication and additives resulting in less engine wear and longer engine life.

For 1/8 scale off-road racers, VP has blends to fit your driving style or engine. RC Pro Race is available in nitro concentrations of 25% and 30%, with a synthetic/castor oil package. National and World Championship winning Tessmann blends use a proprietary synthetic lubrication package for the high demands of 1/8 off-road racing.

We formulate our nitro fuel and with only the best components to ensure maximum performance for your RC cars. Trust the company that’s been blending specialty fuels for nearly 50 years.

What is Nitro Fuel?

There are three main components to RC nitro fuel blends, which includes:

  • Methanol: Methanol releases more energy than gasoline per pound of air. It’s also easy to ignite with a glow plug.
  • Nitromethane: Nitromethane helps boost power. The more nitromethane, the faster fuel can burn. The result is more horsepower and higher RPMs. The percentage of nitro is important for RC applications. The amount of nitro in RC fuels tends to range from 10% up to 40%.
  • Oil: Oil is blended with nitro fuel because 2-cycle RC engines don’t have a separate crankcase for oil. Therefore, a lubricant needs to be mixed in with the fuel. The percentage of oil depends on the fuel application. RC race fuels have a lower percentage of oil, which allows for more methanol, which translates to more power. RC fuels that are formulated for longer engine life have a higher percentage of lubrication.