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Small Engine Lubricants

VP’s small engine oils and lubricants provide industry-leading performance for both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines in outdoor power equipment. We design our oils and lubricants specifically for these applications.

Our 2-cycle small engine oil protects internal engine components from excessive wear and ensures easy starts. What’s more, it’s JASO FD certified and contains advanced fuel stabilizers to keep fuel fresh for 12 months.

We engineer our full synthetic SAE 30/10w30 4-cycle oil to meets API CJ-4/SN specs. Its high film strength affords superior wear protection, and it’s shear-stable in high-heat, high-load environments. Furthermore, the synthetic base stocks significantly reduce oil consumption compared to 10W30 mineral oils.

VP Bar and Chain Oil reduces premature chain and bar wear thanks to our advanced anti-wear additive package. It has up to 136% higher viscosity at bar operating temperature compared to competing brands. We also include rust and corrosion inhibitors.

Whether you own 2-cycle or 4-cycle outdoor power equipment, VP has small engine oils and lubricants to meet your needs while keeping your equipment operating at peak efficiency.