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VP Fuel Additives - Automotive

VP’s experts design an extensive line of leading-edge fuel additives, octane boosters, and cetane boosters for gas and diesel-powered engines. Maintaining an engine is the most important thing a vehicle owner can do. Gas additives, when used regularly, can enhance the performance of a vehicle, help improve gas mileage, and reduce long-term maintenance costs while extending the life of your engine. Best of all, they’re affordable.

We formulate our technologically advanced VP Madditive® fuel additives to boost engine performance and extend engine life for motor vehicles. As a result, they keep your engine humming and save you money on unnecessary repairs. Treat your ride right and feel the difference of ultimate VP protection!

Benefits of VP Gas & Diesel Additives for Cars & Trucks:
    • High octane booster additive – Increase horsepower
    • Clean fuel injectors, remove varnish deposits, and keep pistons and valves in top shape
    • Complete diesel fuel treatment
    • Improve fuel economy
    • Decrease coolant temps and improve coolant flow
    • Extend life of automatic transmissions