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Fuel Additives - Automotive

VP’s experts engineer an extensive line of leading-edge fuel additive products as well as octane boosters, which increase octane rating and ramp up horsepower. Maintaining an engine is the most important thing a vehicle owner can do. Additives can help prevent costly issues. Furthermore, they help the engine run smoother and can extend the life of your engine. Additionally, certain types of fuel treatment can also improve fuel economy.

We design our technologically advanced fuel additives to boost engine performance and extend engine life for motor vehicles. As a result, they keep your engine humming and save you money on unnecessary repairs. Treat your ride right and feel the difference of ultimate VP protection!

VP Fuel Additives – For All Your Needs:
    • Increase horsepower
    • Clean fuel injectors, remove varnish deposits, and keep pistons and valves in top shape
    • Complete diesel fuel treatment
    • Improve fuel economy
    • Decrease coolant temps and improve coolant flow
    • Extend life of automatic transmissions