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Product Description

VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend SAE 20W50 engine oil delivers increased power and wear protection for high-stress, high-performance gasoline engines. It's designed for both on-road and off-road applications. Moreover, we formulate our synthetic blend 20w-50 engine oil for race engines as well as classic, historic, vintage, hot rod, street rod, muscle, and other enthusiast applications.

Do not use in conjunction with alcohol, methanol, or nitromethane applications. Not suited for vehicles equipped with catalytic converters. Furthermore, DO NOT mix oil additive supplements with VP HI-Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oils.

Why Use VP High-Performance SAE 20W50 Synthetic Engine Oil Blend?
VP applies a 3-pronged approach to lubricant design. As a result, you get a remarkably stable oil that allows race engines of all types to achieve extraordinary performance and durability:

  • Firstly, we add a high amount of zinc (ZDDP) in addition to two other anti-wear chemistries
  • Secondly, we include an aggressive detergent package that reduces oxidation
  • Finally, we design it with both strong rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as a friction modifier
Our product protects flat tappet and roller cams and affords high-temperature, high-shear protection. Additionally, our synthetic blend 20W50 oil is great for crate engines. For example, the 602 and 604 crate engines run extremely hot and create a significant amount of moisture. Results show that our Hi-Performance motor oil does an outstanding job at protecting vital parts of these engines.

VP engineers a full line of racing lubricants for a wide variety of applications.

To learn more about engine oil, check out our in-depth look at oil viscosity and why it's important. We also explain the difference between synthetic vs. conventional oil.

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