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VP Racing Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants, Additives, Detailers & More!

VP Racing’s wide range of products makes it a perfect brand to add to your catalog. Using nearly 50 years of experience in the motorsports industry, we only produce the highest quality products for everything from additives for lawn equipment to detailers for daily drivers and, of course, the highest quality fuels and lubricants on the planet for motorsports.

Everyone knows about our fuel, but did you know about the other wide range of products we carry;

  • Automotive Fuels
  • Small Engine Fuels
  • Engine Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Fuel Additives
  • Octane Boosters
  • Detailers & Cleaners
  • Motorsport Containers
  • Apparel & Merchandise
  • And Much More!
Check Out Some Of Our Products

VP Octanium®
Octane Booster

Octanium® gas octane booster gives you an octane boost up to 8 numbers (80 points). We blend it for off-road racing applications and it can be used as a lead substitute. Furthermore, Octanium improves engine performance by eliminating knocking and pinging and it also enhances throttle response and acceleration. Additionally, our VP Racing octane booster cleans fuel injectors while knocking out gum and varnish buildup.

· One bottle treats up to 10 gallons of fuel (38 Liters)
· Gives high octane boost of up to 8 numbers / 80 points
· Increases horsepower
· Eliminates knocking and pinging
· Lead substitute
· Improves throttle response and acceleration
· Cleans fuel injectors
· Eliminates gum and varnish build-up

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VP Cool Down

Coolant Additive

Cool Down is safe for all gas and diesel radiator systems. It reduces engine temperatures by up to 30°F and improves coolant flow. We formulate it for use with today’s OAT and HOAT-formula engine coolants.

VP Cool Down™ is perfect for gas and diesel engines and is safe for all radiator systems. It’s ideal for racing, street, RV, and tow vehicle applications. Cool Down increases your coolant flow for better heat transfer, reduces cylinder head temperatures by up to 75°F, and engine temps by up to 30°F! Furthermore, it lubricates all vital components and is approved by most race-sanctioning bodies.

One 16-Oz. bottle of VP Cool Down treats cooling systems of 12-20 quarts. We recommend adding 50% more VP Cool Down for straight water applications. Additionally, diesel applications require twice the usual amount of product.

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The VP Racing Brand Advantage

From a single location with two employees in San Antonio, Texas, VP has grown to over 300 employees. We have five company-owned and operated race fuel distribution points in Texas, Indiana, Georgia, Delaware, and Tennessee, as well as a regional office in southern California. Each distribution point maintains an inventory of VP fuels – available for immediate transport within a day’s drive to virtually any major racing event in North America. The result is racers and sanctioning bodies can count on access to the availability of quality fuel. VP’s distribution network of 2000+ dealers worldwide extends to Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

VP is now recognized by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of over 80 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports. VP’s development team is renowned for its passion and dedication towards keeping up with the latest advancements in technology. Most VP employees are or have been racers in some form and are driven by the competitive will to win. Together, the VP team intends to solidify its position as the true World Leader in Race Fuel Technology for years to come.

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Diesel All-In-One

& Cetanium Cetane Booster

Diesel All-In-One Fuel Conditioner is a complete diesel fuel additive and conditioner. It keeps your engine running smoothly, prevents corrosion, gum, and sediment deposits. It’s anti-gel additive protects fuel in cold winter months.

Diesel All-In-One Fuel Conditioner is a diesel fuel additive that cleans the fuel system, pumps, and injectors while restoring power, plus much more. It’s truly the Swiss Army knife of diesel fuel conditioner additives. To begin with, choosing both the right and best diesel fuel additive isn’t always straightforward. There are so many from which to choose and many of them perform different functions, for instance. While today’s low-sulfur diesel is better for the environment, it comes at the cost of lubrication that your diesel engine needs, which is where a diesel additive can help.

Cetanium boosts diesel cetane up to 10 numbers while cleaning injectors and pumps. It prevents sludge and deposits, increases horsepower and fuel mileage, replaces lost lubrications, and reduces smoking. We design for off-road applications only.

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Fueling Motorsports Worldwide

VP Racing is the Official Fuel partner of nearly all the major motorsports on the planet. From the most prestigious series like IMSA Sportscar Racing to amateur championships like AMA Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross, even down to the lawnmowers used to cut the infield grass at a Road To Indy race, VP fuels thousands of race wins every single weekend.

It’s this dedication to winning that inspires us to create and continue to develop the best products in the marketing, while fostering a customer base that is equal parts user and equal part fan. Making them just as proud to fuel their dirt bike on the weekend with VP, look for the VP Branded Gas Station when traveling and even buy that cool new VP t-shirt they just saw their favorite athlete post on social media. VP is more than race fuel, it’s a lifestyle.

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VP Is More Than Fuel, It’s A Lifestyle.

Our passionate customer base fuels its adventure with VP, and shares in living the lifestyle that extends beyond a fuel company.

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