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RC Fuel & Gas | Nitro & Gas Powered RC Cars, Boats, Planes

VP engineers an extensive line of RC gas & RC fuel for multiple applications. We blend high-performance fuel for nitro RC cars, RC boats, RC airplanes, and RC helicopters. For gas RC cars, we have our proven line of Powermix.

What makes our RC fuel the best? To begin with, we formulate superior fuels using advanced technology and only the finest components, which helps you win. Moreover, once you use our RC gas or RC nitro fuel, you’ll know that VP is THE answer for your racing needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, backyard basher, or strive to win a National or World Championship. VP has a perfect blend of fuel for your application. Another key point is that VP has nearly 50 years of unparalleled success making specialty fuels for multiple racing applications. Our heritage is rooted in a burning passion for better performance on the track. VP’s legacy includes decades of full-scale racing dominance. For instance, VP has fueled more race champions worldwide than any other brand.

In conclusion, VP RC/Hobby fuels ensure maximum performance, protection, and runtime for your specific RC application. Our Passion is Your Performance®.

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