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Outdoor Power Equipment - Fuels & Lubricants

Why buy VP for your outdoor power equipment? To begin with, we make our small engine fuels and oils specifically for 2-cycle and 4-cycle small engines. These engines run hotter and demand better maintenance.

Secondly, our ethanol-free small engine fuels contain higher-grade base stocks and no unnecessary filler additives. They prevent ethanol-related issues in your equipment due to the use of pump gas. Your equipment will run at peak performance and you’ll avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs.

Another key point is that our gallon cans contain a full gallon (128 oz.) while our 5-gallon pails have a full five gallons of fuel. The competition’s “gallon” cans have just 110 oz. and their 5-gallon pails contain only 4.75 gallons. It’s right there on their label.

VP 2-cycle full synthetic oil is JASO FD certified and meets all manufactures’ warranty requirements. VP 4-Cycle SAE 30/10W30 Full Synthetic is 100% more shear stable vs. 10W-30 (longer life) and offers a 30% wider VI range vs. SAE 30 (easier starts).

Here’s the thing. Would you rather buy small engine fuel and oil from a power equipment manufacturer that makes fuel and oil, or from a fuel company that has blended world-renowned specialty fuels for 50 years?

Need more proof? Click the link to learn why D-S Lawn & Automotive only uses VP Small Engine Fuels.