Power Boost™


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Product Description

Combustion Enhancing Additive
Power you can feel.
Restore the power your engine once had. Cleans fuel system and
removes deposits from the combustion chamber. Power Boost gives
you a “seat-of-the-pants” jolt that makes driving fun again, while
reducing the need for higher-octane gasoline.

16oz. treats up to 18 gallons (68 Liters)
• Increases horsepower
• Improves vaporization & enhances combustion
• Restores lost power
• Reduces need for higher octane
• Cleans fuel system, removes deposits from combustion chamber
• Provides “seat-of-the-pants” power boost
• Reduces or eliminates knocking and pinging
• For use in all 4-cycle & 2-cycle gasoline engines



2oz, 2oz X 12, 16 oz. container, 16oz X 9

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