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The Winningest Fuel

in Motocross History.

VP Racing Fuels has been fueling champions in the highest ranks of motocross, supercross, flat track, road racing, time trials, drag racing, endurocross and every other form of motorcycle racing on the planet. Whether its Eli Tomac and Star Racing Yamaha dominating the Supercross season running MR Pro 6 to a young Haiden Deegan winning back-to-back moto’s at Loretta’s, or even across the pond at the Isle of Man Superbike TT with 2022 Champion Peter Hickman running VP fuel to blistering speeds, VP Racing is the choice of Champions in every category of moto racing. Even series like MotoAmerica and American Flat Track choose VP fuels and coolants to be their official products series-wide.

No matter your discipline of racing, or even if you’re just riding the trail on the weekends with your friends, if it’s on two wheels, VP has a fuel perfectly designed for your application. This same thought process has gone into creating the full line of VP Powersport coolants, engine oils, gear oils, lubricants and detailers to keep your bike running cool, making power and looking good while doing it. Check out some of our highlighted products below that might be perfect for your bike no matter your craft, but don’t take it from us, take it from the countless championships from your local riders all the way up to the guys you see on tv every weekend holding that trophy on the top of the box! Champions Choose VP.

2023 450SX Supercross Championship

2022 450MX Pro Motocross Championship

2022 250MX Pro Motocross Championship

2022 Isle of Man Supertwin TT Championship

2022 MotoAmerica Championship (Official Fuel)

2022 Arenacross Championship

2021 SCORE Intl Offroad Pro Moto Championship

2021 450SX Supercross Championship

2021 450MX Motocross Championship

Eli Tomac holding his arms up with his motorcycle helmet in his left hand and a sign in his right hand that shows he won 1st place in the 450 class motocross

2023 250SX West Supercross Championship

2023 250SX East Supercross Championship

2022 MXGP MX of Nations World Champions

2022 450SX Supercross Championship

2022 250SX Supercross Championship

2022 Loretta Lynn’s AMA Motocross Championship

2022 American Flat Track (Official Fuel)

2021 Endurocross Championship

2021 250SX East & West Supercross Championship

Every discipline, every weekend, every race, every level…

Champions Choose VP.

Tomac. Sexton. Roczen.
Yamaha. Honda. Kawasaki.
Champions Run VP MRPro6 Fuel.

The top riders. The top teams. The top manufacturers. What do they all have in common for the last decade of success? They all run VP Racing Fuels. From 250cc, where every ounce of power can be the difference between making the podium and not, all the way up to the big boys of 450cc, Champions trust VP Fuels!

VP MR Pro 6 is an AMA SX/MX-legal unleaded fuel for motocross and supercross. We engineer it to generate maximum horsepower in 4-stroke applications in conformance with AMA Pro Racing rules. It makes more power than any other AMA-legal fuel on the market! Furthermore, MR Pro 6 requires minimal jetting/mapping changes and will not require radical changes in ignition timing, unlike other fuels on the market. Contains MTBE.

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Stay Frosty® Race-Ready

& Hi-Performance Coolant

VP Racing is the most dominant race fuel brand in motocross history. Our experts apply the same cutting-edge technology to engineer VP Stay Frosty Race-Ready Coolant. It’s blended with reverse osmosis high purity water – the same type of water used to build microchips in the semiconductor industry. Stay Frosty is premixed and ready to pour. It’s glycol-free, track-approved, and 100% water-based. Additionally, it’s the ONLY racing coolant on the market that features three different wetting agents, which protect across multiple temperature ranges.

Best yet, Stay Frosty is dyno tested and proven to reduce engine temps while maximizing power and torque when needed most – late in the moto when everyone else is heat-soaked and losing power. Also available in Stay Frosty Hi-Performance blend with glycol for freeze protection for your trail bikes in all seasons.

  • Reduces Temps and Maximizes Horsepower
  • Ready-To-Pour, No Mixing Needed
  • Race Ready is 100% Water-Based & Track Approved
  • Hi-Performance has Glycol for Freeze Protection
  • Features Multiple Surfactants (wetting agents) for Full Range Temp Protection
  • Non-Toxic & Biodegradable
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Powersports Lubricants

Engine Oils, Gear Oils & Brake Fluid

X4 500 Synthetic-Blend 4-stroke dirt bike oil features ester-based synthetics and premium mineral base stocks. Additionally, we include state-of-the-art additive technology in our proprietary base oil blend. This combination delivers the performance and protection of other full-synthetic chemistries. We formulate X4-500 4-stroke dirt bike oil with enhanced detergency, which protects engines from harmful deposits.

VP Hi-Performance 75W Gear Oil is a GL-4-rated synthetic blend oil. We formulate it for use in wet clutch or wet brake applications. We recommend it in applications that utilize soft metals, such as brass or bronze. Use Hi-Performance 75W gear oil in all motorcycle, ATV, and SXS transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials that call for a GL-4-rated oil.

VP 622 Racing Brake Fluid has one of the highest wet boiling points of any brand. We make our full synthetic formula for automobiles and powersports applications. It resists brake fade and maintains superb stability under high temps.

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Dirty Bike? Clean It Up!

VP Powersports Cleaners

We design VP PowerWash Moto to tackle the toughest dirt, mud, and grease on motorcycles and other powersports applications. It rapidly dissolves dirt and wipes out stains that other cleaners leave behind. Won’t streak or leave spots.

VP Powersports Silicone Detailer spray is formulated with a dry silicone base. It provides a superior finish that will resist dirt and dust. It also allows for easier cleanup and ultimate protection of all treated surfaces. VP Powersports Silicone Detailer spray keeps rubber surfaces from drying out and renews faded or lightly scratched surfaces.

VP Brake Parts Cleaner aerosol features a high-pressure spray that loosens and removes even more grease and oil. Our proprietary formula cleans and degreases brakes and parts, including brake linings, drums, cylinders, springs, disc brake pads, and more. It removes grease, oil, brake fluid, and other contaminants from brake linings and drums. You’ll notice how quickly it dries while leaving no residue.

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