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From Track to Street

For 45 years, VP Racing Fuels has used superior fuel formulation science to produce some of the most trusted racing fuels on the planet. Our founder Steve Burns was a racer who believed that making more power began with stable, high-quality race fuel. We fuel racer winners in over 60 series around the world and all forms of racing – from RC hobby to Nitro funny cars.

From our humble beginnings in San Antonio, Texas to the present day, we still formulate and manufacture our fuels and many of our lubricants and additives in the USA. We buy raw fuel stocks, formulate, blend and package our own products to ensure that we control the quality from raw materials to finished product.

That’s why more automotive enthusiasts choose VP Racing Fuels.

Automotive Products

We apply our chemical formulation expertise to blend over a full range of automotive additives, lubricants, coolants, and appearance products with a single goal: your performance.

Our performance lubricants include a complete line of full-synthetic, traditional and classic engine oils, including diesel applications. We also offer assembly oil and break-in oil for engine rebuilds. Our gear oils, including a specially-formulated version for protecting soft metals found in classic cars ensure performance while protecting your vehicle.

Our performance additives include revolutionary products such as Octanium which boosts octane up to 7 numbers to unlock power from your ECU. We also provide fuel stabilizer, fuel system cleaner, diesel cetane booster, ATF treatment, and more.

Our hi-performance coolant is formulated for high-performance engines that require additional protection from over-heating, such as turbocharged, supercharged, and tuned engines. It contains a proprietary blend of wetting agents and propylene glycol that improves its ability to transfer heat away from high temperature cylinder heads. Engine operating temperatures are reduced up to 25 degrees F compared to conventional glycol-based coolant. This increases the density of the air/fuel mix and allows ignition timing to be safely advanced – resulting in more power and torque.

Our appearance products include a full line of cleaning, interior detailing, and wax products ensure that your modern or classic car looks as good as it performs.