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Pre-Order VP Fuels for
Bash Road Tour 2022

The 2022 Bash Road Tour features over 1,200 miles of driving through some of the best roads, towns and cities in Mexico alongside some of the most iconic supercars on earth. But what do all of those supercars have in common? The need for quality fuel! Thats where VP Racing Fuels comes in as the Official Fuel of the Bash Road Tour.

This year we will be helping to supply all of the high octane drinking supercars on the tour by offering a pre-order of HP101 fuel for all participants. Given the event is over 1,200 miles long, we are suggesting on average to purchase at least 20 5-gallon pails, but please make sure you know the MPG of your specific vehicle and order accordingly.


VP Racing HP 101 Fuel

VP HP 101 is a premium quality, high octane unleaded fuel. It’s ideal for use in high-performance engines where an unleaded fuel is desired

  • RON: 106
  • MON: 96.6
  • R+M/2: 101.3
  • Specific Gravity: 0.7165
  • Oxygenated: Yes
  • RVP: 6.59 psi
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1,200 Miles Through Mexico

100 gallons Suggested Per Car

The 2022 Bash Road Tour is over 1,200 miles of driving through some of the most beautiful cities, cultures and roads in Mexico. Given the various demands of each engine, and of course based on how spirited the driving may be on each segment, we are estimating those looking to pre-order fuel will want to order about 100 gallons for the event. Click the link below to pre-order today!

2022 Bash Tour Route

  • July 9      SAN LUIS POTOSÍ
  • July 10     ZACATECAS
  • July 11     SALTILLO
  • July 12     DURANGO
  • July 13     MAZATLÁN
  • July 14     PUNTA MITA